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Get more out of skiing

Whether you want to learn to ride a lift, turn or master a more difficult slope, you are welcome to us. Here, both children and adults, beginners or experienced, can get more out of their skiing with the help of our instructors.

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Price list

Private lesson 75 minutes Price per person
1 person 775:-
2 individuals 550:-
3 people 440:-
4 - 7 people 390:-


Group lesson 75 minutes Price per person
1 day 375:-


School group - Basic course with at least 15 participants Price per person
60 minutes 80:-


Private lesson

For 75 minutes, one of our skilled instructors puts all the focus on you and your company. Together we set up the lesson based on your level and skills. Everyone is welcome and our goal is to make your skiing even more fun!

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Private snowboard lesson

Just like for skiers, we now offer private lessons in snowboarding where you choose your company and here too we have increased the time from 60 to 75 minutes.

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